Breakaway Bulletin: Tax Season Edition

Tax Season Edition

Quick hits

Stat of the Month

The average tax refund to date in 2024 is $3,081. Source: IRS

Tax Tip of the Month

April 15 is nearly here! Even if you've extended your return, don't forget that an extension to file is not an extension to pay. Due April 15:
✓ 2023 extension payments / Q1 2024 estimates (if extended)
✓ 2023 final payments / Q1 2024 estimates (if not extended)

NC business specific:
✓ Franchise tax (NC): $200 online
✓ NC Business Annual Report: File online.
✓ NC Pass-Through Entity Tax Payments (can't pay online, need vouchers)

LinkedIn Post of the Month

From accounting & taxes to exit "cashflow is king." What would you add to the list?

Essential Reads

ICYMI: Why "Extension" isn't a dirty word during tax season

Tax season is like flying the plane while building it. The code just gets more and more complex, and Congress likes to work on tax bills that have major impacts during tax season. No wonder most accounting & tax firms file automatic extensions on behalf of clients every year. It's the safety net you didn't know you needed.

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Tax changes small business owners should be aware of (AP)

"Sine business tax filing is complex, most experts recommend small business owners work with a professional tax advisor rather than trying to file on their own or even with tax-filing software."

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Client Story of the Month

$30K in Tax Savings? Yes please!

A client involved in a $1M+ legal settlement talks came to Red Bike Advisors for tax advisory services. He had to act quickly to negotiate the settlement contract and needed options for mitigating tax liability. Red Bike Advisors worked to optimize tax impacts of the settlement and was able to recommend income tax strategies that will save the client more than $30K in income taxes.

Quote of the Month

"A person doesn't know how much he as to be thankful for until he has to pay taxes on it." -- Ann Landers

A Question for You

What's your biggest tax pain point? How can we help?

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